Flies In Amber Stones

by Hillward

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released September 25, 2015

David Lizotte - Vocals, Guitars, Synths
Jean-François Boudreault - Bass
Antoine Guertin - Drums, Synths

Guest solos on "Flies in Amber Stones" and "Alive" by Olivier Perrier (Southern Cross, Warning Sign)

Guest vocals on "Walls of Apathy" by Melanie Gagné (Muted Screams)

Drums recorded at "Studio du Roi"

Everything else recorded at "Stinky Weasel Studio"

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by David Lizotte

Artwork by Antoine Guertin & Patrick Matte

Photos by Patrick Matte



all rights reserved


Hillward Quebec City, Québec

Hillward started off as Southern Cross' side project with three of its members, David Lizotte, Jean-François Boudreault and Antoine Guertin.

The band became one of its own when Alexandre Lapierre joined as a second guitar player after the recording of the first album "Flies In Amber Stones".
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Track Name: Flies In Amber Stones
There's something I must tell you
About the way you feel
There's something you must go through
You don't know what is real

These thoughts I wouldn't say in
A million years from now
I find refuge in silence
Somehow I need to hide

I'd rather keep looking
At the colours made alive by staring at the sun
For hours through my eyelids
Than bring the truth to light
I keep staring at the sun

Life in amber
Time surrenders
Words turn into flies
I won't tell her
The burden's over
Truth now tends to dry
Like flies in amber stones
Track Name: Alive
She came to find love
Expecting more than what I could offer
For now
Deeply breathing
As she pushed her limits way further

I've been searching so long to find
A part of something I already know
Feelings I can't hide
I've been waiting as time passes by
Drifting in the shadow
Still every second flies and time goes by

For every moment
I reached her eyes my ideals get confused
I smile
And everytime
I touched her skin I desperately pulled back
I tried

Before I hide
Before I close my eyes
Would you testify?
Am I bleeding? Am I breathing?
Would you dare and try
Would you testify?
Show me that I'm alive
Track Name: One Goodbye
When the night turns to day
From too much wine I break away
Heading for a place to rest
To heal the wounds that time has left

But there she stands, alone
My hands, she wants to hold
For at last one goodbye

She stared at me for a while
Her gleaming eyes light her smile
A part of her soul she bares
Waiting silent in the stairs

But there I stand, nailed down
I’d like to stick around
For at last one goodbye
Track Name: The Missing Link
The ageing man is up late into the night
Against his past, now he does it out of spite
The master of greater scientific art
A chain to fill the barren hole within his heart

A lie ?

His place is filled with old dusty memories
A clue on how the burden of men never cease
Not even love could barely clear his wasted mind
Only death would somehow free him from his binds

A quest for understanding
The aging of his skin
The sand in the glass is flowing
A race he cannot win

I've been searching all this time
The equation of life
As my quill runs out of ink
In search of the missing link
Track Name: Entropy
Track Name: When It All Comes True
I guess I never really understand
Fame, without asking, grabbed me by the hand,
Dragged me down I couldn't recall my name
There's no such time as now to take a stand

Red carpets, champagne and delusion
Rebuilding bases on new illusions
On new memories, implemented and revamped
It's time to leave this dream I never dreamt

Caught into elusive popularity
“Celeb youngster drowed and killed his familly”
Treat me right, fairly pay me royalties
Now I should move on to something real

Does life mean more than words do?
Silly words, learned and repeated to you
Does tragedy mean more than poetry
Dressed up and delivered to you?

When it all comes true
I won't let them starring at you
When the sky turns blue
I won't stay here lonely and new

I guess I never really understand
Fame, without asking, grabbed me by the hand,
Dragged me down I couldn't recall my name
There's no such time as now to take a stand
Misunderstanding state of misery
Marred by nothing but lies and forgegy
I've been given the opportunity
I just can't ruin it instantly
Track Name: Quiescence
Time stands still as you run away
As the distance going slowly hurts this heart of mine
Don't let me see, I'm blind
Don't let me know, I'm fine

What if we both never cross the line
What if we never grow old on time
What is love if it keeps us appart
What if youth holds on to us

Till there's nothing lelf to say
As the silence brings in quiescence another day
Don't let me be, I'm not
Don't let me in, I'm out
Track Name: Quantify The Abstract
Music : Guertin & Lizotte
Track Name: Walls Of Apathy
Somehow I
Found my way
Through what is seemed to be a maze of clay
Some lost their lives
Some fail to see
Still I wake up, as I meant to be

A darker grey
In a pale light
The end of day calls for certain might
A graceful sea
Where tides await
Patiently those who abdicate

Black and white
Painted wall
A pledge for knowledge way to tall
Where the night and
The broken still
Fall from these walls of apathy

A darker grey (I wake up)
In a pale light (I fail to see)
The end of day (Lost my life)
Calls for certain might (That was meant to be)
A graceful sea (I wake up)
Where tides await (I fail to see)
Patiently (Lost my life)
Those who abdicate (That was meant to be)

A darker grey
In a pale light
The end of day calls for certain might
Where the night and
The broken still
Fall from these walls of apathy
Track Name: The End Of Logic
Has become a virtuous ease
The first condition
Of a world about to cease

Subtleties of creativity
The distorted mind of the outcast
Ain't got no need for philosophy
Such a fragment of the past

And so we sleep for a thousand years
We lay, we dream
The end of logic's here

This fascination
For peculiar glamourous stars
Keep the attention
Away from these painful scars

A powerful magnetism
That bend, push and pull with impunity
A graceful variation
Everyone's a fool to see